Eco-tainable: Experience, Knowledge & Solutions

Over 20 years of Environmental Experience

Eco-tainable is a newly formed business that brings together over 20 years of environmental consulting EXPERIENCE and KNOWLEDGE to provide unique SOLUTIONS for an environmentally sustainable future. Eco-tainable is a new and dynamic company born out of the rapidly changing market and the greater emphases placed on the impacts that modern living has on the environment. Eco-tainable specialises in a holistic approach to the management, minimisation and mitigation of these impacts.

Holistic approach to Sustainability

Eco-tainable understands that the key to sustainability is not just the built environment, it is how we use and function on a day to day basis within our cities, towns and rural environments. Sustainability includes the social, cultural and physical aspects of our lives, from the food we eat to the buildings we live in.

International Experience

Eco-tainable draws on experience from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa as well as the rapidly developing Middle East, and uses this experience to apply to the smallest of projects to largest projects. We have developed working relationships with recognised international environmental specialists.